About Gendernations


I asked a question on google.  It was “how many genders are there?”

Below is just a sample of what I got.  I feel as though I’ve opened a gigantic can of worms.  I’ve always thought that sexuality is the root of all that ails our world, that the original division between good and evil and light and dark contained the first, primal element which is the separation of masculine and feminine. On an instinctual level I suspect was the first spiritual separation or distinction between Godself and apparent other on the cosmic level going back to the creation of time and the universe itself.

gender-9621734_origI think I’ve found the key or a major key or a solution for what ails humanity and the struggle we’ve had, which has been totally unnecessary on one hand yet has been a major catalyst for creating the world we have today.  Love it or hate it we do now have this incredibly complicated and in some ways highly advanced while on the other hand primitive as a society can possibly be when considering galactic civilizations on other worlds. Yet for us, this is as high as we’ve been in recent years. I say recent years because there’s major evidence around the planet that we’ve lost more technology than we can imagine.  We’ve got a long way to catch up to the world of the Anunnaki who settled this planet. But that’s another story (see www.enkispeaks.com).

Back to the gender issue.  And we’ll revisit this gender issue as it relates to the Anunnaki as they were the geneticists who created human beings. Or perhaps jump started us and genetically advanced us. Any way you look at it they intervened with our natural progression and how we may have evolved on this planet. Think of it like this…they were ancient astronauts and they broke the Prime Directive (like in Star Trek).  So here we are.

TransGender-Symbol-1What if there are more than two genders?  How then would we relate?  What would that do to the laws around the planet that deny same sex marriages? And what about polyamory? If a person has more than one gender or is bisexual by orientation, how can we then deny them more than one partner as they may wish to experience all sides of themselves and need more than one partner in order to do so.

If Godsource gave us free will and we are supposed to have the basic human right to pursue happiness, then limiting our love and lovers potential denies us our birthright and our basic human, civil rights.

And this denial has created wars throughout time for religions are based on false beliefs around gender and human sexuality. Women are made slaves by cultures that create and foster caste systems based on gender and how we devalue genders who are other than total male.  Women are still made to wear burkas and in some countries can’t drive cars and some cultures remove clitorises.  It’s illegal to be gay in many places around this planet and some are threatened and even killed.

What a primitive, unsophisticated world, a world that Michio Kaku says has not even reached a level one civilization.

In my opinion civil rights, human rights trump religions and somewhere in time this world will advance socially to the point where no one can be denied the right to be who they truly are.

Until then this planet suffers from a huge caste and class system which originates on how we value people based on gender.  And in the 60 plus years I’ve been alive while it seems we’ve made huge progress when it comes to civil and women’s rights.  When you look at this chart below, we have a long, long way to go.


I’ve got a lot more to say. And I will add to this site as time permits. In the meanwhile, I invite you to google articles about gender and the true nature of human beings. We’ve been told a lie, a HUGE, MAJOR lie. And if we open up our eyes, investigate, study, examine it, you’ll set yourself and your family and loved ones free. And with this freedom we who can create do create, we may eventually reach those who suffer under horrendous belief systems that deny basic human rights.  And somewhere in time we reach critical, that Hundredth Monkey magic number and our global society changes for all and all are set free from these horrendous crimes against individuals that ultimately affect all humanity.

Here’s what I found. This is just the beginning. I will report more later.

  1. There are people who have more than one gender, at the same time (other bigender/trigender/pangender). Further, in many cultures around the world, there is a specific and unique third gender which fills a special role in their society. None of these are identical to each other; all are different genders.gender identity spectrum 41730483e3129652978788e31a78a6d0
  2. All genders have both, their intensities varied ~ And strong you willbe with both energies married. (from http://www.apath.org/rede/23.html)


    Due to different combinations of Male and Female attributes, people tend to naturally gravitate to using either Yin or Yang energy depending on their gender. However, “gender” is a much broader array of attributes than most people realize. Through the practice and use of using both Yin and Yang energies, you can increase the power and flexibility of your magical workings.


    Much conflict in modern social development is centered around the concept of there being two genders and that “allowed” combinations of those two. If there were more than just two genders, this conflict would not be nearly as polarized as it is today.

    Well, you’re in luck, because I say there are a lot more than two genders.  I say that even in a fairly simple syste of identifing genders, there are at least Sixty-Three (63) gender combinations.

    Because gender is more specific than simply the genetalia attached to your body, which is normally referred to define your “sex”,

    To examine Gender (as opposed to Sex) I use a more specific definition than is typically used.  Gender is broken down into three aspects based on the Physical, Personality and Preferences that the individual person exhibits.  Each of these categories is then further broken down into three options:  Male, Female and Androgynous.  From these combinations of attributes, a persons gender can be identified with much more precision than previously available.

    The Physical aspect is the most obvious:  The typical Male body, the typical Female body, and the Androgynous body, which may display a fairly even mix of attributes of both Male and Female physical genders.

    An Androgynous physical aspect is, in its most extreme form the Intersexual (the new preferred term for “Hermaphrodite”), which has both male and female genitalia, and in its other extreme as a person with no genetalia at all.  In its most common form, it is a person with either male or female genitalia that is not easily distinguishable as being either male or female without intense scrutiny.  If you look at someone and can’t tell if they’re male or female, that is a Physically Androgynous person. There are also rare cases of people born with either both male and female genetalia or none at all. These would also be classified under the Androgynous physical aspect. An Androgynous physcial attribute is now often refered to as being “Intersexual”.

    The Personality aspect is descriptive of their typical behavior in life, either typically male pursuits (Male Personality) and interests, typically female ones (Female Personality) , or an unusually even mix of both (Androgynous Personality).

    The Preference aspect is descriptive of is how they express themselves emotionally, romantically, and/or sexually.  Specifically, are they sexually and/or emotionally attracted to men, women or both (or possibly neither).

    Here is a breakdown listing each combination of Physical, Personality and Preferential groups:


    Phys = Physical Aspect, Pers= Personality Aspect, Pref = Preference Aspect
    M = Male, having male reproductive organs/genitalias
    F = Female, having female reproductive organs/genitalias
    H = Hermaphrodite (Intersexual) having both or neither male and female reproductive organs/genitalias
    AS = Asexual / Non-sexual (not shown on this chart)
    A = Androgynous, near-equivalent traits of male and female
    AM / Andromale = Physically Androgynous w/ Male Genitalia
    AF / Androfemale = Physically Androgynous w/ Female Genitalia
    HA / Androdite = Physically Androgynous Hermaphrodite
    HM / Hermaphromale = Hermaphrodite with Male features / appearance
    HF  / Hermaphrofemale = Hermaphrodite with Female features / appearance
    Masculine = “Typically” Male, as determined by the surrounding culture
    Feminine = “Typically” Female, as determined by the surrounding culture
    Androgine = Exhibits Androgynous Behavior (Equally Male and Female), as determined by the surrounding culture

    # Phys Pers Pref Description
    1 M M M Masculine Homosexual Man
    2 M M F Masculine Heterosexual Man
    3 M M A Masculine Bisexual Man
    4 M F M Feminine Homosexual Man
    5 M F F Feminine Heterosexual Man
    6 M F A Feminine Bisexual Man
    7 M A M Androgine Homosexual Man
    8 M A F Androgine Heterosexual Man
    9 M A A Androgine Bisexual Man
    10 F M M Masculine Heterosexual Woman
    11 F M F Masculine Homosexual Woman
    12 F M A Masculine Bisexual Woman
    13 F F M Feminine Heterosexual Woman
    14 F F F Feminine Homosexual Woman
    15 F F A Feminine Bisexual Woman
    16 F A M Androgine Heterosexual Woman
    17 F A F Androgine Homosexual Woman
    18 F A A Androgine Bisexual Woman
    M M Masculine Homosexual Andromale
    Masculine Heterosexual Androfemale
    Masculine Male-Attracted Androdite
    Masculine Male-Attracted Hermaphromale
    Masculine Male-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
    M F Masculine Heterosexual Andromale
    Masculine Homosexual Androfemale
    Masculine Female-Attracted Androdite
    Masculine Female-Attracted Hermaphromale
    Masculine Female-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
    M A Masculine Bisexual Andromale
    Masculine Bisexual Androfemale
    Masculine Bisexual Androdite
    Masculine Bisexual Hermaphromale
    Masculine Bisexual Hermaphrofemale
    F M Feminine Homosexual Andromale
    Feminine Heterosexual Androfemale
    Feminine Male-Attracted Androdite
    Feminine Male-Attracted Hermaphromale
    Feminine Male-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
    F F Feminine Heterosexual Andromale
    Feminine Homosexual Androfemale
    Feminine Female-Attracted Androdite
    Feminine Female-Attracted Hermaphromale
    Feminine Female-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
    F A Feminine Bisexual Andromale
    Feminine Bisexual Androfemale
    Feminine Bisexual Androdite
    Feminine Bisexual Hermaphromale
    Feminine Bisexual Hermaphrofemale
    A M Androgine Homosexual Andromale
    Androgine Heterosexual Androfemale
    Androgine Male-Attracted Androdite
    Androgine Male-Attracted Hermaphromale
    Androgine Male-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
    A F Androgine Heterosexual Andromale
    Androgine Homosexual Androfemale
    Androgine Female-Attracted Androdite
    Androgine Female-Attracted Hermaphromale
    Androgine Female-Attracted Hermaphrofemale
    A A Androgine Bisexual Andromale
    Androgine Bisexual Androfemale
    Androgine Bisexual Androdite
    Androgine Bisexual Hermaphromale
    Androgine Bisexual Hermaphrofemale

    This is the simplest and most “accessible” version of the Gender categories as I have broken it down. However, there are some expansions that would make it more complete, but would lose some value in the added complexity.

    I will be putting up a another chart in the future that will include an additional “asexual” category. I have not been able to find any examples of asexuality in human physicality, personality, though a complete lack of attraction to others may constitute an asexual personality type.

    Additionally, the Preferences category is simplified, including only options for Male, Female and Androgenous. To be complete, I would also break out the Preference category to have separate options for each of the 63 genders defined (any gender may be attracted to any other gender). However, this would end up with a chart with nearly 4000 genders, which, while technically accurate and complete, would be rather large for this page. If I get time, I will write a program to list all 4000 or so of them, but as I have written this page by hand, I’m not going to break them out myself manually (yet).

    As you can see, this view of Gender provides much more flexibility in providing labels (when you want to use them). It also illustrates that there is a gender diversity, even within the typically view of “two genders”. It is my hope that this might help in some way making discrimination based on gender less of a problem. It is easy to discriminate when there are only two possible gender options in your world-view. However, when you consider that there are many more than that, it makes the whole idea of discrimination against one group or another a bit sillier and more arbitrary-seeming.

    Gender, Energy and Magic

    Yang energy is tradionally viewed as Male, and Yin as Female. While most people tend to use one form or the other, you can become proficient in the use of both forms of energy by practicing working with them. Each energy is better suited for different things, and by developing your skill in working with both forms, you increase the power and flexibility available in your magic.


    • Where do you find yourself on this chart?
    • Think of the people you know. How many different genders can you check off on this list from the circle of people you know.
    • Do you typically use Yang or Yin energy (or something else) in your personal magical workings?
    • Can you identify and work with the other energy?
    • How do you do it?
    • Which do you feel stronger with?
    • Try doing the things you use your natural energy with the other form, and identify any differences you find.